Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant - 10 MG Finished Water Reservoir Project

UPDATE - February 2012, Our Quail Creek project once again received an awarded. The American Concrete Institute received the 2012 Excellence in Concrete Award.

UPDATE - October 2011, This project was recently named a 2010 Best Project by ENR Magazine. We are very proud of this project and our crews who made this project such a success.

Alder Construction has worked at the Quail Creek WTP many times and returned in 2010 to begin construction of a new 10 million gallon water reservoir to help Washington County keep up with the growing population.

The footprint of the structure is bigger than a football field, and required over 7,500 cubic yards of concrete to finish. The owner elected to use a concrete admixture - Xypex to ensure a water tight structure. The new water reservoir was connected to the existing water treatment plant  by 63" HDPE pipe. This pipeline is the first of its kind as it used the first five 63" fabricated HDPE tees ever built in the United States. Alder is very proud to have completed this project and have this experience as we move forward on more HDPE pipe projects.


Project Details

Project Location: Hurricane, Utah
Project Start: January 2010
Project Completion: April 2011
Contract Size: $ 7.8 million
Site Superintendent: Tracy Dalton
Structural Superintendent: Kim Jarrett
Project Manager: Eric Alder
Owner: Washington County Water Conservancy District
Engineer: Carollo Engineers

2010 ENR Best Project

 Project Photos