Alder Construction - West Farmington Pump Station Project

West Farmington Pump Station Project

Alder Construction has recently completed the construction of the West Farmington Pump Station. This project included construction of a new pump station, installation of all mechanical equipment and electrical work. This project proved to have some difficult aspects to it, especially during excavation. Alder worked with Jones Excavating to develop a complete dewatering system and engineered shoring system to allow the crews to work down 30' below grade without any negative impacts of ground water.

Project Details

Project Location: Farmington, Utah
Project Start: September 2011
Project Completion: April 2012
Contract Size: $ 900,000
Superintendent: Vaughn Erickson
Project Manager: Stan Miller
Owner: Central Davis Sewer District
Engineer: J.U.B. Engineers, Inc

 Project Photos