City of Idaho Falls - Secondary Treatment Upgrades

This project consists of the construction of new aeration basins, a primary primary effluent lift station, return and waste activated sludge pumping systems, blower system, secondary scum and basin dewatering pumping systems, mixing systems, demolition of the existing secondary treatment basins and activated biological filter (ABF) tower, associated electrical work and control systems, associated yard piping and earthwork. The project will also include additive alternate work for a new final clarifier associated chlorine contact chamber and effluent flow measurement upgrades.

Project Details

Project Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Project Start: Spring 2013
Project Completion: Spring 2015
Contract Size: $21,072,000
Site Superintendent: Ron Erickson
Project Manager: Val Martin
Owner: City of Idaho Falls
Engineer: MSA Engineers and Pharmer Engineering

 Project Photos