Cedar City Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility - Nitrate Mitigation Project

This project consisted of improvements and modifications to the existing Cedar City Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. Work included the construction of two cast-in-place reinforced concrete MLE bioreactors. Each reactor is 314’ long by 63’ wide and has a capacity of approximately two million gallons. A new CMU RAS/WAS pump station containing (3) three new horizontal non-clog dry pit RAS pumps, and (2) two new double disc piston sludge WAS pumps. The pump station also housed an electrical room. A new CMU solids dewatering building housing a screw press, with a design capacity of 450 dry pounds per hour, mixing reaction tank, a 26’ shaftless conveyor, polymer feed system and housed an electrical room for power and control. Site work for the project included the installation of ductile iron pipe transmission lines including, 110’ of 30”, 420’ of 24”, 160’ of 20”, 613’ of 10”, 470’ of 8” and 810’ of 6” pipe, as well as associated manholes, fittings and valves. Above and below ground natural gas piping. Modifications to the existing potable and utility water systems. Construction of a new secondary clarifier scum box, with (2) two submersible chopper pumps. Other items included in the contract include; modifications to the existing sludge drying beds, a new 450 kW emergency generator, placement of landscape rock and asphalt paving and upgrades to the plant electrical and controls infrastructure. The project also included the demolition of two existing 110’ diameter cast-in-place concrete activated biological filter towers.

Project Details

Project Location: Cedar City, Utah
Project Start: Fall 2013
Project Completion: Summer 2015
Contract Size: $9,525,000
Site Superintendent: PJ Steadman
Mechanical Superintendent: Chad Belka
Structural Superintendent: Justin Rigler
Project Manager: Val Martin
Owner: Cedar City Corporation
Engineer: Carollo Engineers

 Project Photos