Jordan Valley WTP Finished Water Reservoir Project

The Work of this Contract comprises the construction of a new 12.5 MG buried, reinforced concrete Finished Water Reservoir; Inlet Valve Vault; Drain and Underdrain Vaults; reservoir inlet, outlet, underdrain, drain, overflow, and washdown piping; Overflow Detention Basin spillway; connections to the existing 8 MG reservoir and existing yard piping; temporary overflow piping; sample pumps and piping; landscaping and irrigation; electrical, instrumentation and controls; testing, disinfection, commissioning and startup. Work includes demolition of existing facilities, removal and replacement of existing utilities, excavation, backfill and earthwork associated with construction of new facilities.

Project Details

Project Location: Herriman, Utah
Project Start: Spring 2016
Project Completion: Winter 2017
Contract Size: $16M
Site Superintendent: Vaughn Erickson
Structural Superintendent: Justin Rigler
Project Manager: Val Martin
Owner: Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
Engineer: Bowen Collins & Associates, Inc.

Project Photos