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Park City - Three Kings Water Treatment Plant


The water demands in Park City are very difficult and complicated. The City needs to provide culinary water to a growing city, large quantities of water for snow making at the resorts, irrigation water to agricultural users and to treat water high in metals from the existing mine tunnels. Park City partnered with Alder Construction through an early contractor involvement process--GM/GC--to help meet these goals. The new 3Kings Water Treatment Plant was designed to replace the old Spiro Water Treatment Plant and to improve the treatment capabilities of the Park City systems.

Construction includes demolition of the old Spiro Water Treatment Plant and the construction of a brand new 6 MGD plant. Altogether, 48,000 square feet in eight new structures are being built to house the brand new treatment process that includes: a micro-hydropower generation system; rapid mix and floc/sed systems; backwash and waste clarifiers; equalization basins; filtration and adsorption systems; mechanical dewatering and load out facilities; gravity thickeners; UV disinfection system; chemical feed systems; and an administration and maintenance facility. 

The architectural and landscaping features of this project will be amazing, such that the state-of-the-art facility will blend into the surrounds with living roofs, wood siding and many more architectural features. 

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