Completed Projects List

Below is a partial list of some of the many projects Alder Construction has successfully completed.
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SLCWRF IPS Improvements Project
SLCWRF Influent Pump Station Improvements Project ($1M)
Salt Lake City, UT

Construction improvements of the existing influent pump station.Work includes degraded concrete repair both on the exterior of the building as well as within the wetwell confined areas, replacing. MORE.....

FERTCO Indiana Blending Facility
FERTCO Indiana Blending Facility ($15M)
Fair Oaks, IN

The Project includes construction of a new fertilizer blending facility, located at the Prairies Edge Dairy Farms, fka Fair Oaks Farms, in Fair Oaks Indiana. Work includes engineering design work for civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and facility automation. The Work also includes the construction and installation of manure cake and mineral receiving structures, site work, HVAC, electrical, utility connections and storm water control structures. MORE.....

SVWRF Thermal Dryer Repair
South Valley WRF Thermal Dryer Repair Project ($1.5M)
West Jordan, UT

Removal and storage of thermal drying process equipment so the two interior paddle shafts can be removed. Removal of the paddle shafts and shipped to Komline Sanderson. Inspection and Repair of thermal dryer troughs. Reinstallation of repaired paddle shafts MORE.....

QCWTP Media Replacement
Quail Creek WTP Filter Media & Nozzle Replacement ($1M)
Hurricane, UT

The project consist of upgrade to twelve filters at the Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant. This plant is a drinking water treatment facility located near Quail Creek Reservoir and capable of treating 48 MGD of culinary water with an existing conventional filtration system. In order to increase to 60 MGD, each of the twelve existing filters must be modified. Modifications included procurement of silica sand and anthracite media; Removal and onsite disposal of the existing filter media; Removal and replacement of filter nozzle and tube assemblies; And installation of new silica sand and anthracite media MORE.....

Cedar City
Cedar City Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility ($9.5M)
Cedar City, UT

This project consisted of improvements and modifications to the existing Cedar City Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. Work included the construction of two cast-in-place reinforced concrete MLE bioreactors. Each reactor is 314’ long by 63’ wide and has a capacity of approx. 2 million gallons. A new CMU RAS/WAS pump station was also built containing 3 RAS pumps and 2 WAS pumps with associated 6”, 10” and 14” process piping with fittings, valves and supports. The pump station also housed a 19’ x 40’ electrical room. A new CMU solids dewatering building housing a Schwing Bioset FSP07HP screw press. Associated appurtenances, including mixing reaction tank, shaftless conveyor, polymer feed system with 4” MORE.....

Owens Corning FWT
Owens Corning Fire Water Tank & Pump House ($0.5M)
Nephi, UT

The project consisted of design-build construction of a 225,000 gallon water tank for fire protection use on the property of Owens Corning located in Nephi, UT. Work included the following: Tank excavation and backfill. Covered and buried 43 feet x 43 feet x 15 feet concrete reinforced tank with twelve-inch thick floors and fifteen-inch thick walls. Wall pipe spools with blind flanges for future use. In flow and out flow piping system. Access hatch and ladders. Work also included a new 20 feet x 14 feet x 11 feet precast concrete pump house. MORE.....

Utah Valley
Utah Valley Water Treatment Plant ($44M)
Orem, Utah

The project consist of improvements and modifications to the existing 80 MGD direct filtration culinary water treatment plant. Construction of New Ozone Building and Ozone contactor with onsite 13,000 gallon LOX storage and vaporization system; three 590 ppd generators, side-stream injection system, two 12minute ozone contactors with destruct units; New Sludge Thickeners and day tank; Filter Inlet modifications; New Mechanical Dewatering Belt Press facility; New Chemical Storage building and modifications to chemical feed systems; New Office and Meeting Rooms and remodeling MORE.....

Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls Secondary Treatment Upgrades ($21M)
Idaho Falls, Idaho

This project consists of the construction of new aeration basins, a primary primary effluent lift station, return and waste activated sludge pumping systems, blower system, secondary scum and basin dewatering pumping systems, mixing systems, demolition of the existing secondary treatment basins and activated biological filter (ABF) tower, MORE.....

Price River
Price River Water Improvement District - WTP Upgrade & Expansion Project ($5M)
Price, Utah - (Completed September 2013)

Alder Construction built this original plant back in the late 70s. We were happy to see the plant standing strong and operating well. This plant needed some upgrades and we were happy to be involved in the process. The main components of the project are; structural upgrades to the pretreatment basins, new ozone building housing a new Wedeco ozone system and liquid ozone storage . . .MORE.....

East Canyon
East Canyon Water Reclamation Facility - Expansion Project ($4.3M )
Park City, Utah - (Completed December 2012)

Alder Construction was selected through an extensive prequalification process to bid on the expansion of the East Canyon Water Reclamation Facility in Park City, Utah. We were successful in acquiring this project in early 2012 and begun construction shortly after. This project was a difficult project because it involved a very complex electrical package with a new electrical building totaling over 35% of the overall project value. It also included a detailed bypass pumping operation and . . . MORE.....

West Farmington Pump Station Project
Farmington, Utah - (Completed April 2012)

Alder Construction has recently been awarded the contract for construction of the West Farmington Pump Station. This project includes construction of a new pump station, installation of all mechanical equipment and electrical work. MORE.....

City of Tooele - Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade - Phase 1B
Tooele, Utah - (Completed June 2012)

Alder Construction has recently been awarded the contract to complete the upgrade to the Tooele Ware Reclamation Facility. This project will include the construction of a new circular concrete holding tank, a new UV disinfection building, construction of a new solar sludge drying facility. This project is expected to take 6 months for completion. MORE.....

Price River Water Improvement District Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project
Price, Utah - (Completed July 2012)

This project will be to rehabilitate the existing wastewater treatment plant. There will be a significant amount of mechanical work - replacing aging valves and piping, upgrading the existing HVAC system, burner equipment and digester piping. Alder Construction will also replace the existing digester lids to complete this project scope. MORE...

Quinn's Junction
Quinn's Junction Water Treatment Plant
Park City, Utah - (Completed December 2011)

Alder Construction is working on the construction of the new Quinn's Junction Water Treatment Plant in Park City, Utah to help the city who needs to increase capacity and utilize newly available resources. The site chosen by the city is a small piece of land with limited buildable space which required the use of membrane filtration to treat the water. When complete, the facility will be able to process 3 million gallons of water per day. MORE.....

Jordan Basin
Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility
Draper, Utah - (Completed September 2012)

The Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility will be comprised of several structures including; influent pump station, headworks building, process basins and buildings, disinfection buildings, maintenance building, dewatering building, electrical building and administration building. The maintenance and administration building have both been registered with the US Green Building Council for LEED Certified accreditation. MORE.....

St George
St George Headworks Renovation Project
St George, Utah - (Completed August, 2011)

The City of St George needed to update their aging headworks equipment and since Alder Construction built this original plant, we were excited to get back onsite. The project consisted of some site work, including replacing and adding some new concrete pads to accommodate the new equipment, replacing the worn out bar screens with new JWC screens, installing a new washer compactor and associated electrical work. MORE......

Dannon Yogurt Pre-Treatment Facility
West Jordan, Utah - (Completed June, 2011)

Dannon Yogurt needed to build a new wastewater pre-treatment facility to replace their aging, out of date facility that was not able to keep up with Dannon's current waste and their projected growth. As their timeline to complete this project was extremely short, they used a design/build delivery method to complete this project in six months. MORE........

Quail Creek
Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant
Hurricane, Utah - (Completed May, 2011)

Alder Construction has worked at the Quail Creek WTP many times and returned in 2010 to begin construction of a new 10 million gallon water reservoir to help Washington County keep up with the growing population. MORE.....

Central Weber
Central Weber Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
Ogden, Utah - (Completed April, 2011)

Alder recently finished work at the Central Weber Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our contract included construction of two primary clarifiers, four secondary clarifiers, a RAS/WAS pump station, raw sludge pump station and primary splitter box. MORE.....

Springville Wastewater Treatment Plant
Springville, Utah - (Completed October, 2009)

Designed by Aqua Engineers, the upgrade of the existing wastewater facility for the City of Springville increased the plant BOD capacity from 12,000# to 21,000# and the hydraulic capacity was increased from 5.2 to 7.7 million gallons per day. The existing plant was required to remain in operation while Alder forces constructed several new basins and structures and modified several others. These include the renovation of an existing basin to create a new 7000 sf,... MORE......

Barton Wellfield
Magna, Utah - (Completed June, 2009)

The Barton Wellfield project involved the completion of a new 6.0 MGD electro-dialysis reversal (EDR) water treatment plant with new feed tank and finished water blending tank. This project also included upgrading the existing Magna Wastewater facility located a few blocks away. On this site we added a new headworks building and BIOBROx facility. Alder was very pleased to be involved with the construction . . . MORE........

Weber South
Weber South Water Treatment Plant
Ogden, Utah- (Completed November, 2009)

The Weber South Water Treatment Plant needed to upgrade its aging facility and increase its capacity from 26 million gallons per day of treated water to 32 million gallons per day. This project included constructing a new filter building which also houses several new offices and a laboratory. Alder Construction also built a new chemical building, . . MORE.....

Clifton Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Completed June, 2009)
Clifton, Colorado
South Valley Water Reclamation Facility
Thermal Drying Facility
(Completed December, 2007)
West Jordan, Utah
South Valley Water Reclamation Facility Project 4C
(Completed February, 2007)
West Jordan, Utah
Lake Havasu City Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
(Completed September, 2007)
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Rock Springs
Rock Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Completed November, 2007)
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant - Onsite Improvements Project #LC020
(Completed October, 2007)
Sandy, Utah
City of Burley Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
(Completed July, 2007)
Burley, Idaho
City Creek
City Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
(Completed May, 2006)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Little Cottonwood WTP Expansion Project
Completed June, 2006)
Sandy, Utah
Quail Creek WTP - 40MGD Expansion
(Completed December, 2005)
Hurricane, Utah
South Valley WRF Project 4B
(Completed July, 2004)
West Jordan, Utah
Neely Water Reclamation Plant
(Completed August, 2004)
Gilbert, Arizona
Sundance Water Reclamation Facility
(Completed May, 2004)
Buckeye, Arizona
Weber Basin Water Treatment Plant - Phase 1
(Completed August, 2004)
Layton, Utah
Avondale Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Completed June, 2002)
Avondale, Arizona
Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant
(Completed 2002)
Hurricane, Utah
El Mirage Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Completed 2002)
El Mirage, Arizona
Little Cottonwood Water Treatment Plant(
Completed August, 2004)
Sandy, Utah