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Alder was recently selected to be one of a few General Contractors to participate in the full buildout of the Central Valley facility. We have several large projects ongoing, including a maintenance and repair contract with the Owner.

Some of the current projects include:

Blower Building - Construction of a new nominal 26,000 sq.ft. concrete, block and brick filtration and blower building including subsurface excavation, improved subgrade, footings, walls, and appurtenant features.

Sidestream Phosphorus Removal -  Construction of a block and brick building to house an electrical room, the Sidestream Phosphorus removal equipment, and a pipe chase between the new Sidestream Phosphorus Building and existing tunnel.

Sidestream Nitrogen Removal -  Similar to the phosphorus removal, the completion of this project and implementation of this equipment will help facilitate the biological nutrient removal process in an energy efficient manner.  Further information regarding CVWRF's capital improvements can be found at

We are proud to be a part of this vital civic infrastructure!

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