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Alder Construction is pleased to have been selected to complete the South Davis Sewer District North Plant Upgrades project!  This project is slated to begin the second half of 2024 and to be substantially completed by the end of 2028.  This collaborative project between South Davis Sewer District, Aqua Engineering, and Alder Construction will include:

  • The construction of a new Headworks building that will replace the existing building.

  • The construction of a new Primary Clarifier and installation of all associated structural, gates, mechanical, piping, and electrical components.

  • The construction of a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) tank, the installation of associated screens, aeration piping and equipment, and the adding of media.

  • The construction of a Snail Trap structure and installation of an associated grit vortex mechanism, gates and associated equipment.

  • The construction of a concrete Blower Building to aerate the attached MBBR tank structure.

  • The construction of a new Administration building and the demolition of the existing one.

  • The construction of a new Digester Building, Digester Tank, and Electrical Room with associated process piping, pumps, boilers, and tank mixing equipment.

  • The construction of a new Dewatering Building and installation of a screw press system, including associated components and a polymer mixing/injection skid.

  • Sand blasting and painting of existing Primary Clarifier, Gravity Thickener, and Final Clarifier mechanisms.

  • Trickling Filter retrofits and upgrades.

  • The removal, disposal, and/or salvage of existing Raw Sludge Pump Station and Digester Control Building components.

  • The installation of a new effluent line.

  • The construction of a new electrical service for the facility.

  • The construction of a new fiberoptic network for an upgraded SCADA system.

  • All other civil, yard piping, mechanical, and electrical work included in the Contract Documents.

When complete, the South Davis Sewer District North Plant is estimated to be able to treat 18 Million Gallons per Day of wastewater, up from its current 12 MGD.

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